Rotorcraft Support, Inc.

Mailing/Shipping/Receiving Address:

67 D Street
Fillmore, CA 93015


Main Switchboard
(818) 997-7667


General Fax
(818) 997-1513

(818) 997-8060

Human Resources
(818) 474-7154


  • Phillip G. DiFiore
    Phillip G. DiFiore President & Director of Maintenance
  • Teri Neville
    Teri Neville Vice President
  • Jeffrey M. Teubner
    Jeffrey M. Teubner Vice President of Quality and Technical Operations
  • Deanna Keel
    Deanna Keel Executive Assistant, Records Department Administrator
  • Jason Thompson
    Jason Thompson Assistant Director of Maintenance
  • Ruby Alcazar
    Ruby Alcazar Human Resources


  • Chris Cancelosi
    Chris Cancelosi Sales Representative
  • Veronica Lozano
    Veronica Lozano Sales, Purchasing, Satellite Support
  • Matthew Roach
    Matthew Roach Sales/Purchasing
  • Keys Miller
    Keys Miller Business Development


  • Mary Haroun
    Mary Haroun Billing Clerk


  • John C. McKinley
    John C. McKinley Senior Accountant


  • Leslie Ramonette
    Leslie Ramonette Component Shop Administrator, Records Specialist
  • Adrian Praeuner
    Adrian Praeuner Shop Foreman
  • Sean Eason
    Sean Eason Shop Lead
  • Pete Boeller
    Pete Boeller Avionics
  • Jim Capps
    Jim Capps Component Overhaul
  • Sir Huey Bell
    Sir Huey Bell Chief Security Officer


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